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Wine List

A selection of red, white, fruit, and dessert wine.


Station 37 image

Station 37

Fruit-forward flavors of black fruit, cherry, raspberries, and chocolate.

Made with Michigan-grown fruit
2022 Marquette image

2022 Marquette

Cold hardy grape barrel aged for a year. Nice jam flavor with bold acidity.

Made with Michigan-grown fruit
Fireside Red image

Fireside Red

Smooth dry red with hints of plum and cherry made from the chambourcin grape.

Made with Michigan-grown fruit
Starry Meadows image

Starry Meadows

Chilean Malbec - lighter body with notes of black currant, blackberry, with oaky undertones.

Wixom Sunset image

Wixom Sunset

Frontenac Gris blended with cayuga - perfect balance of tartness and sweetness.

Made with Michigan-grown fruit
Ole' Barn Red image

Ole' Barn Red

Sweet, rich, and dark with cassis, chocolate, and blackberry.


Ole' Barn White image

Ole' Barn White

Lemon-lime, gooseberry, green herbs, and white flower aromas.

Made with Michigan-grown fruit
2023 Traminette image

2023 Traminette

Dry white wine with a nice floral aroma. Notes of citrus and orange blossom.

Made with Michigan-grown fruit
Dirty Gerty image

Dirty Gerty

Off-dry. Tropical fruit brings crispness, elder flowers brings spice.

Late Harvest Riesling image

Late Harvest Riesling

A sweet white wine that was left on the vine longer to increase the sugar content.

Made with Michigan-grown fruit
Sweet Sanford image

Sweet Sanford

Light, sweet Moscato wine. Perfect for sharing with friends.

Dessert Wine

Island Time image

Island Time

Perfect blend of blueberry and Moscato Wine.

Made with Michigan-grown fruit
Carni Kisses image

Carni Kisses

A sweet cotton candy wine that will leave you reminiscing your summer days.

Fruit Wine

Warrant image


Michigan tart cherry with the right amount of sweet.

Made with Michigan-grown fruit
Back the Blueberry image

Back the Blueberry

Locally grown sweet blueberry.

Made with Michigan-grown fruit
Respect Thy Elders image

Respect Thy Elders

Sweet elderberry wine.

Crazy Apple image

Crazy Apple

Michigan-grown apples with a hint of cinnamon and clove.

Made with Michigan-grown fruit


Wine Flight

Five wine pours of your choice.

Mix N' Match Flight image

Mix N' Match Flight

Five pours of wine and cider of your choice.

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